Why Does My Samsung Galaxy S21 Heat Up When Charging?

If your Samsung Galaxy S21 is heating up during charging, you may be wondering why. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do to resolve this Slbux issue. First, you should check your battery for the overcharge. Make sure that the discharge level is below 25%. You can avoid a dangerous thermal event by disassembling the phone when the battery is not fully discharged. You should also remove the wireless charging coil, which may require transferring components to another device. You should then reassemble the phone in reverse order anxnr.

A dirty charging port can also be a cause of overheating. Pocket-lint can accumulate in the Type-C USB port on smartphones. This can hinder the charging process and lead to corrosion. This problem may also occur when the charging port is wet. When this happens, your phone can short-circuit, resulting in excessive heat. If this problem persists for days, you should replace the charging adapter and phone.

Other reasons your Samsung Galaxy S21 may heat up during charging include network justprintcard services. These services operate in the background to find available networks. While they may not cause overheating, they can drain the battery and make the phone overheat. To avoid overheating, turn off network services before charging your device. To do this, you can access the connection settings in the phone’s settings. And finally, turn off Wi-Fi. Portal is an online news portal providing breaking news from around the world.

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