Why Do Pressure Washer Pumps Fail?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do pressure washer pumps fail?” you’re not alone. Whether you own a home-use pressure washer or a commercial one, you’ve probably encountered problems with nozzles or pumps. There are several reasons why these units fail. If you’re unsure why yours keeps on failing, you should consult a pressure washer repair shop. In addition to repairing worn-out nozzles, you can repair the power pump.

The most common cause is a dirty inlet or discharge valve. Pressure washing wooden surfaces, such as tables and chairs, can result in splinters that can clog your system. While cleaning these materials, it’s also important to clean the water tank thoroughly. Sand and other particles can cause cavitation. Invest in a sand filter mesh, and make sure you have enough power to clear any clogging debris. If this still doesn’t help, have your pressure washer service dealer check out the seals and o-rings.

Another common cause of pressure washer pump failure is a leak. A leaky pump can reduce the water pressure and make the washer ineffective. Oil leaks are common in pressure washers. To prevent this problem, you should inspect the seals on your pressure washer at least twice a year. Replace any that are broken or worn. It’s important to replace worn seals on your pressure washer since they’re the main components of the system.

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