What Does Physiotherapy Do?

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, is a form of treatment that aims to restore the body’s normal function. The most common forms of physiotherapy include manual therapy and exercise. Manual therapy involves strengthening muscle tissues and increasing mobility of limbs that are not working. Exercise methods are useful for those with various posture disorders, such as neck, back, or shoulders. Manual therapy involves manual resistance training or joint manipulation. Stretching exercises can also help patients with cardiopulmonary conditions.

Physiotherapists are often seen by a multidisciplinary team, and their patients may see them at different points in the rehabilitation process. During a consultation, they can discuss the condition of the injured person with the rest of the team. However, a physiotherapist must have a finite course in order to practice a specific skill set. As a result, physiotherapy requires a substantial amount of time.

Physiotherapists use gentle stretching, cycling, swimming, and other motions to relieve stiff joints. This mobilization process helps the soft tissues move and keep joints mobile. Strengthening exercises are also used to rehabilitate injured muscles and maintain a healthy posture, which may help relieve pain caused by spinal nerve compression. In addition to stretching, physiotherapists may also use soft tissue techniques, such as trigger point release and massage


Physiotherapists work in various healthcare facilities, usually rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and private clinics. Some work in rehabilitation facilities or post-surgical clinics. Physical therapists may also specialize in a passion for a specific field, such as horseback riding or sports. These professionals use their passions and experience to benefit their clients. If you are interested in physiotherapy, it may be a good choice for you.

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