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Twitter has introduced Super Follows, a tool for content creators to generate monthly revenue by charging followers access to their material. This worddocx new feature allows users to charge $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month for content access; it is currently available to iOS users and will roll out gradually to Android users over time.

Twitter is also testing out Ticketed Spaces, which hdxwallpaper allow users to charge their followers for exclusive audio experiences on the platform. However, this feature is only available to US users with 10,000 followers and 25 tweets in 30 days.

How to Apply for Ticketed Spaces

Currently, Twitter is accepting applications from people with over 600 followers who want to host spaces as part of a test group. Those telesup selected for the trial will receive notification in both the Twitter app and via email. Once approved, they can begin hosting their Space and selling tickets to their audience.

Clubhouse does not permit ticket sales for events hosted in its spaces, while Ticketed Spaces allows creators to set a price for tickets happn that can range anywhere from $1 to $999 and split the money between themselves and Twitter (who takes a 20% cut of any sales). With Ticketed Spaces, 97% of revenue goes directly to the creator while Clubhouse only receives 20%.

However, Ticketed Spaces won’t be profitable for everyone since they make up only a fraction of the overall number of Spaces in the app. While roobytalk they have yet to disclose how much money hosts will make from this new tool, one would assume that given their massive number of Spaces (more than 1 million), they will make a considerable amount of cash.

Ticketed Spaces allows creators to limit the number of tickets sold, potentially incentivizing a smaller audience to attend an event. Furthermore, hosts can notify attendees when a Ticketed Space is taking place through push and in-app notifications.

Therefore, the potential revenue generated from Ticketed Spaces could be attractive to many content creators who might want to supplement their income with Twitter. While this feature isn’t accessible to everyone and Twitter has stated that it won’t be available permanently, those who can find a large enough audience should find additional sources of income through Twitter.

For months, select iOS users have had access to Ticketed Spaces; but now Twitter is finally making it available to all iOS and Android broadcasters. After working hard on developing this feature for quite some time, Twitter is finally providing it to all mobile device users on iOS and Android.

Twitter has been looking for ways to monetize its platform, which has been struggling to stay competitive with Clubhouse and other platforms that provide curated live audio chats. Therefore, the company has been searching for ways to boost revenue from on-platform features like Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows.


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