How Much RAM Does the Samsung S20 Have?

When you buy a smartphone, the main question that arises is – How much RAM does the Samsung S20 have, and is it enough? There are several factors that can affect this number. First and foremost, if you want to be able to run several applications simultaneously, you need plenty of RAM. The Samsung S20 has 12GB of RAM, which is more than the average flagship smartphone. The extra memory is crucial for future-proofing the device. Samsung should work with application developers to maximize the memory on the device. If you don’t, your web browser might leave background tabs.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is officially available on Verizon Wireless. It comes with a massive cut in RAM, but it doesn’t compromise on price. All three of the new phones in the S20 family have 5G connectivity. The S20+ even supports mmWave 5G, which Verizon has been rolling out in the U.S. and will be necessary in 5G smartphones by 2020. If you’re comparing these two new phones, remember that the S20 is aimed at a younger audience, while the S20+ is aimed at a more seasoned user.

The maximum amount of RAM on a smartphone is 12 GB. You’ll be hard-pressed to use all of that at once. However, Samsung recently launched a phone with 16 GB of RAM. With the added memory, you’ll be able to multitask and enjoy a desktop-like experience. You can even take advantage of the Samsung DeX mode, which gives you PC-like multitasking and an experience that’s comparable to a PC.

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