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How Much in Salary Does a Google Director Make?

A director at Google earns a significant salary. Their salary range is significantly different from that of other technology companies. They typically have a higher educational background, and often have a master’s degree. In general, the salary is higher for engineers and directors at large technology companies, but it is not clear why directors at Google make so much money. The following salary range is indicative of the level of experience needed for each job.

A Google Director earns a yearly salary of $212,511. This is 141% higher than the average US salary. Google’s salary information is based on five data points: actual Google employee salaries, user submissions, and past job ads on The figures are estimates and should be verified with the employer. As always, you should verify your salary with your potential employer before accepting any job offer.

A Google Director will also be the head of an engineering team, where he or she oversees the development of products. The director’s role is to guide a team of technologists, designers, writers, and filmmakers. He or she will set the product roadmap and assess the value based on customer needs. Financially, the director will set financial policies and procedures and make sure they comply with the company’s accounting department. The senior director of talent management will develop a talent pipeline and oversee various programs for talent development.

During negotiations, a Google Director’s base salary and equity component are generally standard, although it can be negotiated. At junior levels, it is possible to negotiate for a higher salary. Google also uses equity as a primary negotiating lever, so a higher base salary and equity component can be beneficial. Similarly, the company will often ask for competing offers. If the offer is better, it may be worth a second look.

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