Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Duct Material

If you have a commercial kitchen, you are probably aware of the importance of a good exhaust system. It will help keep your kitchen cool, as well as prevent fires. Proper maintenance and cleaning will help keep the ducts and filters in top shape Rarbgweb. You should also install a damper in the exhaust duct to reduce the risk of a grease fire.

The duct material that is used in commercial kitchens is specially designed for the application. The heavier gauge duct material is designed to reduce material burn-through, increase product longevity and improve the performance of the HVAC system Muctau. It is also suitable for chemical treatment facilities and research laboratories. These facilities are prone to corrosion from mineral deposits that can harm the ductwork.

There are three types of commercial kitchen exhaust duct material that you can choose from. Type I is used for flammable and contaminated air, while Type II is suitable for nonflammable air Newshunttimes. You should check the fire rating of your commercial kitchen before deciding on a duct material. It is important to choose one that is listed as fire-resistant.

The duct material must be approved for fire resistance and be durable. It should be tested to ASTM E2336 to ensure that it is fire-retardant. The test also specifies the clearances between adjacent duct parts.

There are a few different types of duct that can be used when venting a range hood The most durable and efficient is rigid duct. These are typically made of steel and meet the requirements of the International Residential Code. Steel duct is also easier to maintain. It only needs occasional cleaning and does not require extra effort. It also lasts longer than other types.

When venting a range hood, you should make sure the ducting is the right size. The size of the ducts should match the size of the vent opening. Usually, you will need a larger duct for a larger range hood. You should also choose smooth galvanized metal ducting. This type will provide the most airflow. It is also a better choice than corrugated or flexible duct. You can seal the ducts using mastic tape to prevent them from leaking

If your range hood is not working properly, you should repair or replace it. You can do this yourself by inspecting the switches, cleaning the filter, and checking the vent for grease buildup. Grease will reduce the efficiency of the fan motor, so you should use a degreaser to remove it. If the filter is dirty, you can clean it with warm soap and water and place it back on.


Another important factor is the CFM rating. The CFM rating of a range hood will determine the amount of airflow it is capable of moving per minute. The CFM rating is proportional to the size of the duct. Too small of a duct will create high resistance to airflow. A duct that is the right size will ensure that the range hood works as efficiently and quietly as possible.

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